Awesome God!

Awesome God! by Jennifer Sienes

Blue Heron on the Bayou

Strange how it sometimes takes a new perspective to see God’s creation and power. And it’s not that I live in a big city where plant and animal life is sparse. Maybe I take it all for granted because I see it every day. I have to make a concentrated effort at times to stop and smell the roses—literally!

But while Chris and I were away for the last 2 ½ weeks, we’ve been exposed to a whole new world. When in Tennessee with friends, I experienced lightening bugs for the first time. In my 51 years on this earth, nothing so seemingly simple has delighted me more. Lightening bugs! Of course I’ve heard of them, but didn’t imagine they could be so…well…awe inspiring.

We were driving down the road at dusk and there they were—like blinking Christmas lights decorating a field. We’re not talking a dim glow, but a bright light. Later, when we got out of the car, Chris was able to coax one onto his finger. The tail-end of the flying insect glowed then dimmed, glowed then dimmed, it’s little butt heating up with each illumination. A living miniature light bulb. Every night in Tennessee, we again saw this miracle. How could anyone experience this phenomenon and not believe in our amazing God?

And throughout our travels, we saw other creations that point to an imaginative God—a God who wants to wow us at every turn. A bright red cardinal. A six-foot alligator. Streets lined with a lush canopy of oaks. While in St. Pete’s (as the locals call it), Florida, we’ve experienced their rainy season—and what a show that’s been. We started with lightening bugs and ended with lightening storms so intense they took our breath away.

We fly home tonight. I pray that I will have a new perspective for the wonders in my own backyard. Because Dorothy was right—There’s no place like home.

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