White Hot Imperative

photo 2Last December, my husband started working with a new chiropractic coach—think life coach for business. Jim guides Chris in maintaining a healthy chiropractic business. But what’s different about this coach than the one Chris worked with previously, is Jim understands a healthy practice starts with a healthy connection to God and family. Not a new concept, but one I believe is often overlooked by many business-minded people.

Jim coined a term neither Chris nor I had ever heard before—White Hot Imperative—and he believes that being connected to it (whatever that is for each individual) is what stirs our passion for life—and translates into a successful business. It may be a hobby or sport or vacation place. During a phone call in which I was present, Jim asked Chris what his White Hot Imperative is—what gets him fired up and takes his mind off work? I knew the answer immediately, even as Chris was still thinking it over—hunting.

Now before all you Bambi-lovers out there (and believe me, I’m one of you) get all riled up, let me clarify why Chris loves hunting so much. It’s the opportunity to get out in nature, backpack into rugged terrain and connect with God. Yes, he hopes to provide meat for the next year, but I don’t believe that’s his primary motivation. If it was, he’d find a place where the deer-to-man ratio is higher. More often than not, he doesn’t even spot much game, let alone bring it home. But he’s been hunting this spot for over thirty years—and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be when it comes to outdoor sports.

So, as he packs and prepares for his upcoming trip, I plan and prepare for the three plus days I’ll be home alone. And it hit me last night—What’s my White Hot Imperative? Whenever he leaves, I find several projects to keep me busy—some (like canning) needs to be done while others (like home improvement projects) are easier to do when I have no schedule—no meals to cook or a husband to consider. Yes, I could probably plan a get-away of my own, but I actually enjoy being here without a regular agenda. It’s just not possible for me to be home without working on something.

But as I sat in prayer this morning, a little panicked that I might be a workaholic, God brought a vision to my mind. A white sand beach, saltwater scent and powerful waves. Put me on a beach (my favorite is in Carmel, California) and I’m instantly fired up and rejuvenated. Just because I prefer to be there with my husband, rather than alone, doesn’t lessen its impact—in fact, I believe it strengthens it because we’re able to share it.

I’d love to know what your White Hot Imperative is. What do you love to do—and how often do you do it?

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