What Wonders Await

IMG_8571Cabo Continued: Friday night, Chris and I went on a sunset dinner cruise on the Rissalena—a catamaran that holds about twenty passengers. It left the marina in Cabo San Lucas and putted down to the southern-most tip of Mexico’s Baja California (on the Sea of Cortez side) and into the Pacific Ocean for a short time. The key descriptor here is sunset, however, the clouds happened to be too thick to enjoy it. No matter, the cruise itself was fun. The food was good, drinks were free and the crew was lively. As a side note: Dramamine and margaritas don’t mix well. That’s all I’m going to say on that subject.

One of the famous sites here is El Arco—Land’s End—and is a distinctive rock formation which the Risselena rounded to get to the Pacific Ocean. Two beaches inhabit this area as well, Lover’s Beach, which is connected to Divorce Beach. How appropriate given today’s culture!

Saturday, we left the busyness of Cabo and took an hour-long drive up Highway 19 to the sleepy little community of Todos Santos—home of the famous Hotel California. It doesn’t look the same as I remember it on the Eagle’s album cover since it’s no longer white, but a deep burnt orange, however the history is the same. I got my first real taste of “bargaining” Mexico style, which I don’t do well, as the shops opened and the owners vied for our attention. And Chris was told that it was a must to go to the restaurant Tequila Sunrise (yes, it seems like the town is playing up Eagle’s fame) for their to-die-for chili rellanos and margaritas. We passed on the margaritas, but the rellanos definitely lived up to their reputation.

On our way home, we took a detour to Santa Maria Playa (beach) to try out the snorkel sets we purchased for just this occasion. The water was brilliant, and after the first initial shock of cold, very pleasant. It amazes me what stunning color lives below the ocean. We saw graceful angel fish, spotted puffer fish, Moorish idols and an assortment of tangs all co-habitating in the shallow turquoise waters. Then it was home for a hot shower to wash away the salt water.

We thought Sunday would be fairly quiet—a quick trip down to San Jose del Cabo for church and a walk around the quaint town. However, we received quite a shock (which is what happens when you’re out of the loop!) More on that next time.

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  1. Enjoying your adventure with you friend! Cold and possible snow here tomorrow so enjoy the warm sun and sand while you can!!!!! Miss you friend!

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