IMG_0461If you at all follow my blog on a regular basis, you might have noticed that I didn’t post on Tuesday, as is my habit. Nor did I make up for it by posting on Wednesday! For the next ten days, things will be a little…irregular. My sweet husband and I left very early yesterday morning (just after 4:00) to head down to the San Francisco airport. We are blessed to be spending the next ten days in the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, area. And talk about God’s timing! The weather back home has been beautiful, although we desperately need rain, and I thought it would be difficult to leave the beauty of spring for the summer-like conditions of Mexico. However, this next week, the temperatures are dropping and the rain—and possibly snow—is coming in. I’m grateful for it, but more so for being here in sunny Mexico.

After dealing with the Bay Area commute traffic, the hustle and bustle of getting through airport security and a three-hour flight, we landed in a whole different time zone—Mexico time. It took over an hour of waiting in line to get our passports checked and stamped. They only had one person working that position and I wondered if the others were taking a siesta. Then it’s wait for the rental car and pay the exorbitant “mandatory?” liability insurance—which raised our rental price from $80.00 to over $400.00—and the slow crawl to Cabo San Lucas area. No one’s in a hurry here, and it took us a while to go from our face-paced world to the more relaxing vacation mode. Sleeping in this morning helped.

So, for the next ten days or so, I’ll sprinkle my blogs with fun pictures and the things we see and do down here, starting with our quiet time out on el patio. We used VRBO to book our beautiful place and was pleasantly surprised by how luxurious it is—the pictures on the Internet don’t do it justice. Anyone interested in a Cabo vacay, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the owners of this two master-suite bedroom condo a few miles from the noise and confusion of downtown. No, we’re not right on the ocean, but the trade-off of peace and quiet is well worth it.

So until next time or hasta luega!

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