It Takes a Village


My next home decor project.

I love my children. They’re kind, funny, bright and just off-center enough that I often wonder if they were switched at birth. If they didn’t resemble me a little and love to write, I’d have serious doubts. But while my friends are regaling me with new grandma stories, I have to admit, I’m a little envious.

When I comment to my aforementioned friends that I doubt I’ll ever be a grandmother, they assure me that things will change. The truth is, I know several people who’ve made a conscious choice not to have children. My kids may very well fit into this category. They have their reasons, and far be it from me to push my grandmotherly rights onto them. And yet…I still want grandchildren.

And while I might bemoan the fact that I have kids who are not interested in having kids, at least I have two loving adult children. My husband, on the other hand, who I believe would have made the world’s greatest dad, had to settle for two nearly adult step-children as they were seventeen and nineteen when we got together. You won’t hear him complain, though, and you’d never know they weren’t his own. He, too, had hopes that they’d bring grandchildren into his life.

So, we did the only thing we could–adopted a young lady. Rana started working for Chris a couple years ago, and I noticed something special about her right away. While I’m missing my daughter who lives several states away, Rana’s missing a mom. Only God could have contrived this match. We started mentoring Rana and her fiancé in our home, shared their excitement over their wedding plans and celebrated with them when she got pregnant. She and her husband have assured us that we will be their daughter’s surrogate grandparents. 

There are many young people out in the world in need of an older couple to take an interest in them. The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” has never been more true than now. Whether you’re childless or just empty nesters (like us) you can impact the life of a young person by investing in them. What a way to spread God’s love!

So, two months until countdown. This will be a busy season preparing for the baby’s birth, as we also prepare to celebrate Christmas. Rana’s asked me to decorate the baby’s room, and the above picture is our goal for her soon-to-be little girl. I’ll post pictures of the completed project in a couple weeks and, hopefully, they’ll resemble Rana’s expectations!

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  1. I am glad you will be blessed with a “granddaughter”. I know from talks with you how you wish you had grandchildren too. It doesn’t matter that they are not “blood” relations, because they will be “love” relations and either way it works. It is the love that makes a relationship rewarding.

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