In Good Company

img_1292864729776_4071With the edits complete on my last novel, I’m getting ready to jump into another story. When most people find out I’m a writer, and I’ve finished three books, they assume I’ve been published. Why else would I continue writing? From the outside looking in, it might appear futile. I’ve often wondered about it myself—after all, when I taught middle school, there were immediate, tangible results. And an income to boot!

When asked why I persevere with this writing endeavor, especially in light of the ever-changing publishing industry, I say it’s a God thing—He put me on this path and I’m being obedient. Of course, there’s the added incentive that I may actually beat the odds and get a contract. But then I attended the ACFW Conference in St. Louis, and received a new perspective.

Friend, and roommate at the conference, Erin Taylor Young shared something she’d heard at last year’s Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference, which I didn’t attend. Allen Arnold, former acquisition’s editor for Thomas Nelson Publishing, held a morning class on the spiritual side of writing. He made the comment that when we’re walking in obedience and faith, spending day in and day out at our computers creating story, we’re actually fellowshipping with God. How many people have the opportunity to spend hours on end in the presence of God? Everyone of us. It just requires a shift in our thinking.

It isn’t as if I don’t know God is with me when I’m pounding away at my computer. When my critique partner deems a line as “Brilliant” I know it wasn’t me who created it. When symbolism appears in my work, it’s definitely a God thing. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have an imagination, and without God’s hands in the mix, there is no gift of writing.

But I’d never considered that each moment I’m at work, whether it’s struggling with a character’s backstory, tweaking a line of prose or zipping through dialogue (which is by far the easiest part of writing for me) I’m actually fellowshipping with God. Because He’s the creator of my words. He’s the motivation behind what I do. And He’s put me on this path that often seems pointless from my worldly perspective.

If you believe the work you do is by divine direction, you, too, are fellowshipping with God when you’re obedient to that call. It doesn’t have to be ministry, because that may not be what God’s calling you to right now. Then again, any job, whether a housewife, receptionist, blue-collar worker or you-name-it can be a ministry if it’s where God’s put you. Opportunities abound if our eyes are open to the reality that He is in the midst of it.

However, if you’re trudging through your days, feeling as if your life is happenstance, I challenge you to stop. We may not want to accept this, but our days on this earth are numbered—and can end at any time. You were created for a special purpose—for God’s purpose—and if your life isn’t reflecting that, it’s time for a change. Pray that your eyes will be open to what He wants of you then allow Him to shape your path. It’s amazing what blessings abound when you’re walking this journey with your Creator. And if you are walking in obedience, but the fruit of your labor isn’t obvious, trust that God has it handled and know you’re in good company.

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