God’s Not Dead!

UnknownOur first week home from vacation, we hit the ground running. It seems like there’s always a re-entry period after being gone for more than a week—routines to re-establish, laundry to catch up on, and this time of year, taxes to deal with. And don’t forget work. No more lazing around on the beach or unplanned days. Oh, but what a blessing it is to be home!

We decided to celebrate the end of a hectic week with an afternoon movie on Friday. The scuttlebutt among our friends was that we’d be wise to pass on Noah, which, due to Hollywood and creative license, was historically in accurate and almost unrecognizable as the original Bible story. This didn’t come as a shock to me, as I’d seen the previews and didn’t even realize it was the story of Noah until the title appeared at the end. However, those same friends suggested God’s Not Dead and said it was fabulous.

Chris had a meeting in the morning, so we headed down to Folsom in the early afternoon to catch the showing at the Century Folsom 14 Theater. It would allow us plenty of time to finish up some errands after and still get home at a decent hour. I’m plugging this theater, because they only charge $5.00 for a matinee—every day! That was a nice surprise.

I’ve seen most of the Christian-based movies—Fireproof, Courageous, Facing the Giants, Soul Surfer and many others. In some (such as Fireproof) I loved the story but thought the acting (aside from Kurt Cameron’s) had to be overlooked. But like Soul Surfer, God’s Not Dead not only came through with professional acting, the story was truly inspiring. And seeing Newsboys was just icing on the cake.

It was inspired by the true stories of a number of students who have had to defend their faith when stepping onto a college campus. Each of these students, along with the college, is listed in the credits at the end of the movie. It was impressive to see college freshman, Joshua Wheaton, face a jaded, power-hungry adversary who held the boy’s academic future in his hands. Joshua was fearful and unsure of himself, but he refused to back down as he felt it was God leading him. He stood his ground in the midst of parents who didn’t support his decision and a girlfriend who flat-out ordered him to give up. Personally, it took all of two minutes for me to realize he’d be better off without the girl.

Many things impressed me about this film, but two things stuck in my head and heart: It didn’t leave the viewer with the impression that becoming a Christian makes the trials we face easier—in fact, just the opposite. And I heard the best response to the question, “My life is perfect as it is, why do I need faith in Jesus?” The easy, non-Christian life was described as a very comfortable jail cell where the door is left wide open. It’s not until it’s too late that the cell door closes, and life is no longer comfortable. I’m not doing the explanation justice, but I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t seen it.

As we walked out of the theater, Chris said, “I’d buy it so I can see it again.” That’s high praise from a man who doesn’t purchase movies he’s already seen.

If you need a little inspiration or just want to see a great movie, I suggest you see it at the theater while you still can. There’s something about the energy of seeing it on the big screen with a room filled with people that can’t be replicated at home.

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  1. Jennifer, the actor Kevin Sorbo, the professor, is a born again Christian who has lost movie roles due to his faith. He use to play Hercules on TV. I thought he was superb. Both Wayne and I were brought to tears during the movie. Such a great evangelistic tool to invite the non believer too!

  2. Good stuff, Jennie, I heard it was a great movie but I did not have any perspective on the story line. It sounds like a very good movie to see and promote to friends.

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