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Ever have one of those day where nothing seems to go as planned? And of course, those times occur when I have more on my plate than I can reasonably finish. I find that when those times occur, it’s more about my attitude than anything else. Yesterday was such a day. Although I started out with some time alone with the Lord, my mind wasn’t present. It was jumping ahead to plan out my agenda (emphasis on my). Sometimes, I think God brings those times of unrest so that I’ll get my heart and head back on Him and off of myself.

There are a few “go to” devotionals that I read every day. These might be of use to you when you’re feeling out of sorts. The first is In Touch magazine by Charles Stanley. It seems that every time I’m struggling with something specific, the devotional for that day directly applies. It’s uncanny, but then, that’s how God works. Aside from the daily devotionals, there are several articles and a monthly Bible study. I think it’s a wonderful supplement to daily bible reading, or for those new to wading into the depths of scripture, a great place to start. You can order the free monthly magazine on their website.

Several months ago, I downloaded In Touch’s app onto my iPhone (also available for Android) although I wasn’t sure I’d get much use from it. Then we went on vacation in June. Although I had my Bible and devotional, I discovered the daily radio broadcast. Each thirty-minute broadcast was inspiring and added a great deal to my daily study. And for those who don’t want to order the free magazine, the free app is an alternative.

Another devotional I read each day is one my aunt gave me when I was visiting her last year. It’s Jesus Calling by missionary, Sarah Young. It gives me an intimate look into the heart of Jesus and how he beckons me each day. The back cover says, “In these powerful pages are the words and scriptures Jesus lovingly laid on [her] heart. Words of reassurance, comfort, hope. Words that have made her increasingly aware of His Presence and allowed her to enjoy His peace.” These passages are short enough that you can easily meditate on them when they call to a particular need you may have.

A third devotional my husband and I read each morning together before he goes to work is Walk With God, a one-year devotional by Chris Tiegreen. It’s more in-depth than Jesus Calling, but for whatever reason, we don’t read it on days he doesn’t go to the office. I like that it’s the last thing we do before he heads out the door—Jesus laying hands on us before we start our work day. The benefit to not reading it every day is that we can go for years and not reread the same passage.

Obviously, being in the Word every day isn’t a good luck strategy to keep the time-stealers at bay, but it’s a start to putting on the Armor of God. I know that when I sat down to read my devotionals and scripture this morning, I was more intentional about keeping my heart and head aligned with Him. It puts everything else into perspective—starting with my attitude.

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  1. Love this post, because it not only identifies with the struggle we all have at times to focus on God rather than our own agendas, but it also gives helpful advice on where to find information on devotional enhancement. We all need a pick-me-up in our devotional life in different seasons. Thank you.

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