Chicken Soup for The Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury

ImageThe newest Chicken Soup book, in which my non-fiction story A God Colored Lens appears, releases on June 24, 2014


A Contemporary Women’s Fiction w/an element of Romance (in progress)

Her father’s will is clear: do what he demands, or lose her home, business and guardianship of her younger sister. But there’s a force at work–an evil set on destroying her and her sister. If only she knew if the enigmatic man trying to help them is a friend–or deadly foe.

After the reading of her father’s will, Tess O’Shay’s panic attacks return. In death, Sean O’Shay is attempting to accomplish what he couldn’t do in life—force Tess to finish her education, a dream she’d abandoned after being raped on campus. Unless she complies with her father’s wishes, she will lose all claim to the only home she’s ever known as well as the family business. Worse, she’ll give up guardianship of her younger sister to Jake Holland, a secretive man on a flight from his own past. She’s determined to pursue her degree, but the reappearance of the man who assaulted her shatters what little strength she has left. She must dig deep to find the remnants of her mustard-seed-sized faith to face the past and right a wrong in order to secure the future.

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A Contemporary Women’s Fiction (completed)

When her husband is found dead at a construction site, Melissa Bainbridge is left with three kids, a stack of bills and a loss of identity.

The security she’d found in his faith and strength is fleeting and the realities of single-parenthood overwhelming. How will she pay the mortgage? With no income, employment is the first step, but who will hire a housewife with no work experience? She draws strength from her husband’s boss, Duncan, who offers her a receptionist job when his unexpectedly quits. But when an investigation into the accident reveals suicide, and the life insurance is nullified, the emotional onslaught far exceeds the financial.

Worse than the inability to provide for her children, Melissa struggles with acceptance of Trevor’s choice and the discovery that Duncan fired him two weeks prior to his death—instigating the investigation. Melissa must delve into the mind of a husband she never truly knew in order to find the strength and hope of forgiveness.

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A Contemporary Women’s Fiction (Completed)

Corey Shaffer, pastor’s wife and mother of two teens, has spent her entire marriage subconsciously repenting for one reckless night the week before her wedding.

Upon discovery of Corey’s indiscretion, her 17-year-old daughter, Taylor, is in a car accident resulting in a weeklong coma, traumatic brain injury and memory loss. Corey is riddled with guilt and would like nothing better than to confess all to her husband, Paul. But how can she when his pastoral position is at risk, thanks to their son’s thoughtless act of rebellion the year before—an act Paul has yet to forgive?

Instead, Corey loses herself in the day-to-day work of Taylor’s rehabilitation and prays God will give her the courage to face the past. But when a disgruntled church member sees an opportunity for revenge, Corey must find the faith and strength to put her family first, even if it means walking away.

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