Alex Ramon and the Illusion Fusion

Alex Ramon’s Illusion Fusion

This past weekend, my husband and I went up to South Lake Tahoe to celebrate our anniversary and did something we’ve never done before—attended a magic show. More specifically,Alex Ramon’s Illusion Fusion at the Horizon Casino. I’ve never been a fan of magic shows, but friends of ours saw this one last month and raved about it.

Illusionist Alex Ramon used superhuman dexterity, comedic timing and a cute-factor to entrance his audience. And like any good mystery, just when we thought we had the trick figured out, he added a twist to throw us off. He plays at the Horizon six nights a week to a sold-out house and it’s the only Tahoe show that is “family” friendly, which I find sad.

What is it about magic that draws people so? I think many of us have a deep need to believe that a mere human can pull off the impossible. We’re entranced by slight of hand and in awe of apparent miracles. And I wasn’t immune to the antics of Alex Ramon and his attractive sidekick, but I saw it for what it was—years of dedication and practice to hone a unique talent.

One of the reasons I’ve never attended a Tahoe show is that I always feel a little conflicted while staying there. On the one hand, there’s the grandeur of the mountains and the surreal beauty of the lake. On the other, there are the casinos, which are (I feel) a blight on the surrounding scenery. To take in a show feels somewhat hypocritical. But it was well worth facing the crowds and slot machines to be amazed by the innocent talent of Alex Ramon.

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