Halfway There!

IMG_8751Hallelujah! We’re halfway there. If you’re wondering why I posted a picture of a half-blooming hydrangea, and sound so excited about it, you’ll have to visit a blog I posted on April 18th titled RebirthWhether you’re a fan of hydrangeas (as I am) or not, I don’t know how one can look upon these flowers (or any for that matter) and still deny the existence of God.

Since this plant has been a very long project for me, I hope you’ll bear with me. When it’s in full bloom, I’m sure I’ll have to share it with you again!

2 thoughts on “Halfway There!

  1. You’re so cute Jennifer. Yes, as I’ve told you I love the snowball flower too. It reminds me of my grandparents who lived in Sacramento. They had a HUGE Hydrangea bush by their detached garage. I love the shape of the flowers which reminded be of big pink or blue snowballs.

  2. Your hydrangea is going to grow. I have one that I put on the north side of our house not realizing that the western sun blasts it every summer. It is looking good now, but the last several years it gets burned. I always remember the hydrangeas that grew in our neighbors yard at our house in Alameda. I love them too.

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